Sunday, December 30, 2012

{Pre} Birth Story

Hello again to the blog world.  I'm sure I have lost my readers by now since it has almost been a year since posting.  But, this is really more for me than for anyone else, so still I write.  But, if you are reading, I suggest getting comfy.  Its a long story.  I will apologize in advance for how lengthy it is, but I really want to remember as much detail as I can.  I won't be offended if you ditch out part way through.

I need to post about Jaxon's Birth Story, however since the 10 days prior to his birth were so exciting crazy, I should probably start there.

I left work on Monday October 15th to go to my appointment. Since my entire pregnancy had been such a textbook pregnancy that I had no reason to believe that this appointment would be anything but routine.  Boy, was I wrong.

Three things to preface: First, my mom had pre-eclampsia with me and my grandma had it with her. (We are both the oldest in our families)  Pre-eclampsia is most common with first pregnancies and can be but isn't always hereditary.  I was mildly concerned about developing it, but wasn't too worried. Second, knowing my family history, my doctor was making sure to monitor my blood pressure and had done a couple lab tests at my last appointment to check my kidney and liver function.  Those tests all came back normal and they just told me to call if I got a bad headache that wouldn't go away with Tylenol.  I didn't have one, so I didn't call.  The only ways I was feeling different were that I was pretty tired, my feet were swollen and my hands would swell and tingle a little.  I just chalked that up to being in my third trimester and thought everything was great.  And last, I NEVER thought or worried about him being born early, in fact, I was positive that he would be late and I would have to be induced.

So, I go to my appointment and they routinely check my blood pressure.  Without saying anything, the nurse calmly checked it again on my other arm.  She hadn't ever done that before so I knew something was up.  I asked her if it was a little high and she simply said that it was.  Come to find out, it was 170/110.  I don't know much about blood pressure or how it works, but I knew that was really high.  I started to worry, but still didn't think much of it.  She had me lie down on my side and came back to check it.  It went down.  I was relieved and thought earlier must have just been a fluke. She informed my doctor and I heard my doctor say "Whoa!" through the door, so I started to get nervous.

When my doctor came in, she was concerned and asked me if I had a blood pressure cuff at home.  I told her I had one at work so I would use that.  She said "I don't want you at work, I want you on bed rest for the next couple days".  I was less than thrilled and immediately started thinking of all the things I needed to do at work for the next couple days and how I really didn't want to be on bed rest. But, I figured if it was just for a couple days then I could tolerate it.  She then told me she was going to do my strep test that day just to have it done even though she normally doesn't do it until 37 weeks and I was 35 weeks.  I was then sent down to have more lab work done and told to come back up to be monitored.

When I came back up, they did a Non stress test.  Thankfully, Jaxon was doing great.  The nurse even said "He doesn't care what is going on, he sounds great"  I was very relieved.

I was sent home on strict bed rest for the day with medication for my blood pressure.  I was instructed to monitor my blood pressure and call to report in the morning.

I was so excited because I felt like the medication was working and I thought I would be back to my normal routine in no time.  That changed quickly when I called the office in the morning and after hearing my blood pressure report, the nurse said "Oh, well it seems like the medication isn't working"  I was so bummed.  I guess it just wasn't enough.  She talked to my doctor and then told me that my doctor wanted me to come in to the office for more tests and to get a steroid shot for the baby's lungs.  Just the thought of the shot made my blood pressure rise.  I'm a huge baby about needles.  Oh, and lets not forget, the nurse told me that my doctor wanted me to be on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy....5 weeks.  I was crushed. I held back tears as I got the rest of my instructions before coming to the office and then broke down after hanging up.  Lets just say that I am not good  terrible with change.

I immediately tried to get a hold of Cam to let him know and continued to cry by myself until he could call me back.  I was a sad sight.  He immediately headed home so he could take me to my appointment.  Bless him. I was in no condition to do it alone.

I got myself together physically and emotionally and we headed in to the office.  I was given many instructions about my medication, blood pressure monitoring, 24 hour urine collection (so glamorous), and then the dreaded shot.  I was worked up about nothing.  It was not bad at all.  My doctor then came in and let me know that she did not think I would make it to my 37 week mark.  I was at 35.5 weeks at that point.  And then she went on to inform me that if my blood pressure did not improve, I would be spending my bed rest time in the hospital.  That was almost the last thing I wanted to hear.  I shouldn't have been surprised though, things were changing by the minute around here.  I had just gotten my mind around being on bed rest for 5 weeks and now I hear I might be in the hospital and my baby would most likely be coming within a week and a half not 4 and a half weeks.  Oh wow.  We then headed home for a roaring anniversary celebration.  Did I mention that it was our 4th anniversary?  I must have forgotten :).  It was incredibly exciting with me not allowed to leave the couch or bed and Cam working on the house.  Jen was kind enough to bring us Cafe Rio and Marc Farnsworth and Steve Swenson came over to help Cam.  It wasn't romantic, but we are so grateful for everyone's support and help.

The next morning, I called the office again to report my blood pressure.  I mentioned that I had a headache, but felt that it was a side effect of the medication they put me on.  The nurse did not agree.  She spoke to the on call doctor who wanted me to come in earlier than my originally appointed time.  Why was I surprised, nothing was going according to plan.  I hurried to get ready, not showering because I planned to when I got home and my mom came to get me.  I felt so sick on the way and ended up throwing up as we pulled into the parking lot.

The non stress test looked great, they gave me some juice and granola bar to help me feel better and it seemed as though I would be headed home quickly.  Not so fast.  Since I had to do a full 24 hours of urine collection and also wait a full 24 hours to have my second steroid shot, we decided we would go to lunch and come back instead of going all the way home.  Before we left I ran to the restroom and threw up again.  When I came out of the bathroom, Stephanie, my nurse, told me I wasn't going anywhere.  They put me in a room and let me lay down until I could have my shot.  My mom got me lunch, I drank a coke, had a shot for nausea (wow that one hurt) and I was feeling a little better, but my headache was still lingering.  My doctor then came in and suddenly told me that she was sending me to the hospital to be on bed rest.  I was again, crushed.  I was trying so hard to avoid having to do that.  I tried talking her out of it and she did not budge.  I  was told I would be there through the weekend (it was Wednesday), I may be allowed to go home for a couple days the next week and then most likely right back to have the baby.  That was if she didn't deliver the baby while I was there.  My baby shower that was scheduled for Saturday would need to be postponed and I had strict instructions to not even go home first, but to go directly to the hospital.

Again, I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was and I had a hard time.  All the staff and my nurse were so sweet when I was leaving.  They gave me hugs and reassured me that I would be well taken care of.  They couldn't have been sweeter.  I made a phone call to Cam to tell him the change of plans (I had already told him things looked good and thought I was going home) and my mom and I headed up the hill to the hospital.

The hospital was expecting me and I was quickly put in a very nice room with the absolute best nurse I could have asked for.  I changed and was hooked up to the NST machine and then she put my IV in (I can't believe how bad that hurt), and then I was left to rest.  By that time Cam was off work and came right up to the hospital and my mom, who had not planned on spending the whole day at the doctors office and hospital, headed home.  I'm so grateful my mom insisted on taking me to my appointment that day, it was so comforting to have someone with me with all the changes.  And its hard to beat the comfort of your mom being there for you.

They monitored me and had me on the IV in Labor and Delivery for 8 hours.  Jen and Wade were nice enough to come keep us company.  Cam ran home to grab everything that I put on a list.  Mostly anything that would help me pass the time.  After an uneventful few hours I was moved to postpartum.  I'm almost certain they put me in the tiniest room in the very back corner of the floor.  However, since I only saw outside of my room 2 times during my entire stay, it didn't really matter where it was.

Basically, I just sat in that room for Thursday and Friday.  The CNA checked my blood pressure every 2-3 hours and the nurse checked my reflexes and made sure I didn't have a headache or abdominal pain a few times a day.  I was only allowed to use the restroom which was 2 feet from my bed.  I wasn't even allowed to really get up and walk around my room and I was most definitely not allowed to walk the halls.  The two times I left the room, I was taken to another room to first, do a Non Stress test, and the other for an ultrasound.  I couldn't believe how much my blood pressure would rise when I would just get up for the restroom and even the wheelchair.  It would shoot up and take about a half hour to come back down.
Just a side note, during the ultrasound, they measured Jaxon to estimate his weight.  They thought he weighed 5 lbs 14 oz at that time.

I was so excited when Dr. Macy came in on Thursday and told me that I could shower she might let me go home on Friday and I was even more thrilled on Friday when she gave me the OK to for surely go home.  It was a welcome surprise given that I thought I would be there through the weekend.  She was contemplating just letting me go home for 24 hours so I could go to my baby shower, but she felt that my blood pressure and labs looked good enough to just see me in the office on Tuesday.  I was ecstatic!  Things were finally going my way :) I was still on very strict bed rest, but I could be at home!

While I was at the hospital, Cam would come at night to sleep so I wouldn't have to be alone. The rest of the time he was either at work or working on the house.  So many people came to help while I was there, people I haven't even met from our ward, friends, and family.  They all worked so hard to get things done for us and I couldn't be more grateful.  The funny thing is, that when I got home from the hospital from my first stay, our house was all torn apart. It was much worse than when I left.  The entire family room was filled with tools, old fridge and furniture.  You couldn't walk around or sit anywhere.  The floor was torn out and there was dust everywhere.  It was almost comical how crazy it was, but I knew it had to get worse before it got better.

Cam came straight from work on Friday to pick me up and we came home and I went right to bed.  Its amazing how tiring it was to just ride in the car.  I was so worn out.  The next morning I went to my baby shower at my Grandma's house.  My sister-in-law, Emilee and my sisters threw it for me.  My mom and grandma also helped a lot with it.  They did such a cute job!  It was so fun to get so many nice things especially because I really had nothing for him yet.  And it was especially fun to see everyone and so nice to be out of the hospital.  I was a good girl and stayed sitting the entire time and I didn't even drive to or from there.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were all spent in bed.  I kept thinking that most likely Jaxon would be born at the end of the week.  I had heard that Dr. Macy was going out of town the next week and I didn't want to have someone else deliver him and I kinda guessed she felt the same way, so I was really hoping for that next weekend.  But, I tried to not plan on anything because of how things had gone already.

During the weekend, I monitored my blood pressure by checking it every 3 hours.  I had to call Dr. Macy on Sunday to report them and she was very pleased with how they were looking.  I was proud of myself because I was trying to hard not to do too much or get up at all and it seemed to be working.

Surprisingly, bed rest wasn't as bad as I was thinking.  It actually went by pretty quickly because I had so many people checking up on me with phone calls or coming to visit.  I made many phone calls to work to update them on what was going on and to let them know what things needed to be done. I was also busy ordering things online. Did I mention that we didn't even have a carseat yet?  Even more surprisingly, I actually didn't mind being in the hospital for part of it.  My nurses and CNA were amazing, the food was great, and the room was nice.  I was actually looking forward to going back and if you know me at all, that is saying a lot!  I'm actually kind of grateful I had to be there just for bed rest because it made my nerves about delivery really calm down.

I guess I will stop there.  If you read this whole thing, you deserve some kind of reward.  You wouldn't think it, but I feel like I could say so much more.  I really just want this for journal keeping purposes, so I didn't put much effort into the entertainment factor and I'm sure you could tell :)  I continue the rest of the story in a different post.      

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Before I give you the run down, let me just say two things.
1.  I think we should vote to make Christmas be on Sunday every year.
2. I did not take any pictures...I know, terrible right.
With that being said, here is the itinerary for our crazy Christmas Day
7:30: Wake up to open presents
8:00 Get ready for the day
9:00 Church at our parents ward
10:00 Home to change
10:30 Open presents at mom and dad's and talk to Zach!
11:30 Head up to Grandma Hill's house for more presents and lunch
1:00 Quick nap on the couch
3:00 Make our way to Wade and Jen's...wait and wait for everyone to get there
5:00 Open more presents, play the new game again
8:00 On our way again, this time to Grandma Ferrin's for bingo
10:30 Finally heading home to play with our gifts and go to bed
Our Christmas day is always crazy, but we really enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone.  We were very spoiled and are so grateful for everyone's generosity.
Cam surprised me with an Ipad which I have been drooling over since they came out.  He had me thinking it wouldn't happen and of course he pulled it off.  I wish I was as good at surprises as he is.
He got a new gaming chair and a few other nick nack things.  We are both more than happy with all of our gifts.
I can't believe how amazing it was to have Christmas on Sunday.  Not only did we have the whole day off before, the day after as well.  And the best part is that we really get to focus on the true meaning and purpose of Christmas by attending Sacrament meeting first thing in the morning.  I really wish it could be that way every year.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  We had a very Merry Christmas this year.

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve was very relaxing this year.  I loved being able to be home and get things done in the morning instead of having to work like usual.  In the morning I finished up the treats that I had stopped making at 1:00 that morning.  I packaged them up to deliver and finished wrapping presents.  I felt so prepared and LOVED it.  By the afternoon, we were completely ready for all the festivities.
We made our quick deliveries and then we went to Mission Impossible with Wade, Jen and Kylee.  It was our first experience in an IMAX theater and it was awesome!  After the movie, we picked up food from Empire and headed to the Wade and Jen's for our traditional Christmas Eve party.  When we opened our pajamas and  I was laughing so hard because of how crazy it was.  The boys helped open as many presents as they could and as soon as it was torn open they would grab the pajamas and fling them around all excited.  It was hilarious.  Amber gave Cam this hilarious moustache shirt for his pjs and Kylee gave me cupcake pants which are so adorable.
After changing we played this really fun new game that Am and Ty gave Wade and Jen.  It is called Telestrations.  It is a mix between Pictionary and Telephone and we had so much fun with it.
We called it a night at about midnight.  We crawled into bed and fell asleep while watching Elf.  Very festive, no?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


A few weeks ago I got a quick little note from a friend asking if I had given up on blogging.  It sure seems like it, doesn't it?  I'm not sure why I get so overwhelmed, but the whole picture issue on blogger really holds me back. Excuses, excuses, I know.  The truth is, I would really like to have all of our trip blogged before moving on, but since that requires so many pictures to be uploaded, I don't see it happening any time soon.  So, instead of keeping everything on hold anymore, I'll try to just pick up from now on.  
To bring things up to speed a tiny bit, here is an update:
What has Cam been up to?
  • Working at Marketstar for Google.  We are loving working so close...lunch dates are so fun! 
  • Wrestling season started this week.  See you in February, babe.
  • Finished the indoor soccer season.  Lost more than they won, but had fun.
  • Setting up a tackle football team.  I'm excited to watch him play. 
  • Still working in the Young Men's.  He loves giving the boys a hard time.  He is so good with them. 
  • Football, Football, Football.  When he says he loves sports, that is a complete understatement.
  • Still working at the dental office.  I really love (most) of what I do.
  • Teaching dance.  I teach ages 3-8 this year.  Boy, are they cute...and quite a handful!
  • Realizing (even more) how much I love baking.  I can't get enough of it.
  • Still in Activity Days.  I'm starting to feel like I know the girls a little better.  They are so fun.
  • Learning that I actually really like watching football.  Even teams I don't really know.  This makes for a much more enjoyable football season for a sports fanatic's wife. 
  • Working on projects for the house.  Being so indecisive makes decorating really difficult.  One day I'll have it done.
  • Loving the Fall weather and looking forward to all the holidays.
And we can't leave out Hercules:
  • Still crazy as ever. At least he is as cute as he is crazy.  We think so anyway. 
  • Doing better with chewing.  Still have to keep an eye on him, but I think the worst is over
  • Back to sleeping on our bed since the weather turned colder
  • Forgets that he weighs 60 lbs. and is not a lap dog.
That's about as exciting as it gets folks.  We love our everyday average life.  Maybe if you are lucky you will hear from us before another three months pass.  Maybe.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Planes, Trains, & Pains

I suppose this post could be titled "The Great and Dreadful Way to our Hotel."  We started off our travels by a surprisingly easy 10 hour flight to Paris.  It went by really fast and was quite pleasant considering.  After that, the day went a little downhill, but since we were at the beginning of a pretty fabulous vacation, we didn't let the stress get to us...too much.  But really, how can you complain when you are on vacation right?  So instead we just chalked it up to having more memories and tried to laughed our way through it.
We had four hour layover in Paris and just as we experienced last time, there was nothing to eat.  We are convinced that Paris has something against food.  Good thing we were prepared and brought snacks. We weren't going to go through that starvation again.
As I said earlier, the first flight went really well.  I often have back pain when I sit and stand a long time, but I didn't...but then shortly after it hit and wow it hit hard.  All that sitting was so bad for it.   It has never hurt like that before.  I couldn't stand straight and walking was a big chore.  Sitting didn't make it any better and if I moved wrong it spasmed so bad I wanted to cry.  It was joyous.  Cam was so sweet and carried both backpacks and most of the time even my purse and pulled both suitcases.  Poor guy.  And I still couldn't keep up. This is as far as I could straighten and my face has the appropriate expression.
And here is Cam aka family pack horse...looking super tough carrying the load especially the white purse.  He really was so sweet to me in all my hobbling (I think I just made up that word) glory.  

We finally got our luggage...(it is usually easiest to find if you wait at the right baggage claim station) and headed  to find the train.  The next bit will be much easier if put into a bullet list.

  • Get stopped by a man with a taxi service
  • Tell him several times that we do not want him to take us to our hotel...we know it is pretty far and taxis aren't cheap (even when he says his is).
  • Finally he takes no for an answer.
  • Ask "Information" The best way to our hotel
  • He doesn't know, but points us to the train station.
  • Train station also doesn't know, but tells us to get to the main metro station and then ask for help
  • Pay a lot more than planned for train tickets
  • Ride the train to main metro station
  • Walk forever again and try to find someone to help point us in the right direction.
  • No idea where to go
  • Can't understand anyone.
  • Have approximately 20 people tell us how incredibly far away our hotel is...we get it people, it's far.
  • But no one will tell us how to get there.
  • Walk forever.  Back killing, pulling 50 lbs of luggage up and down stairs. 
  • Okay lets be honest, Cam was doing the stairs part with both suitcases.
  • Finally get help
  • Try to buy metro tickets, but they don't take credit cards
  • Only have U.S. ATMs.
  • Customer service guy has pity on us and lets us through for free.  Thank you!
  • Arrive at new train station
  • It is getting dark and I'm pretty sure we weren't in the safest part of town
  • Silent prayers
  • Try to buy tickets from convenience store girl.  
  • Barely can understand each other
  • Won't take a credit card
  • Tells us to buy tickets at ticket booth next to her
  • Ticket booth is closed...I'm pretty sure she should have known that
  • Ask her again for a better suggestion
  • Shrugs shoulders...Again no help.
  • Silent prayers
  • Nice guy who speaks English points us to an ATM and which train...Thank you!
  • After 3 tries at ATM, we get Euros
  • Go back to ticket machine
  • Won't take our money...5 tries later still won't take money
  • Back to rude/unhelpful girl
  • Sells us a day ticket and said we can use it for 24 hours...we ask to clarify we can use it tomorrow. She says yes. We buy it. Later find out it is only good for the day you buy it. 
  • Then tells us the train does not go to our city anymore that night.  
  • Are you kidding me?
  • She of course doesn't have any better suggestions.
  • Try to hold back tears and not look outside at the street that I'm sure we are going to have to sleep on tonight.
  • Silent prayers
  • Ask bartender for help
  • He doesn't speak English, 
  • But finally finds someone who does
  • Nice girl tells us to take the train, then get on blue bus...Thank you!
  • Get on the train.  Finally!
  • Remind myself that we are not in Fiddler on the Roof.  By the way everyone is dressed, it sure seems like it.
  • Breathe through mouth so I don't reeked in there.
  • Ride train for a long time. 
  • So thankful to be on the train. 
  • Finally off the train
  • Trying to find the bus, and someone who speaks English to help
  • No such luck. After all there are only like 5 people around
  • Desperately just say "Sacrafano" (our destination city) to people smoking outside the station.
  • They point to the blue bus... which is about to leave
  • Run!
  • Can't run...can't get suitcase up the stairs
  • Cam runs to flag the bus down
  • Still can't get suitcase up, smoking people come help.  Thank you!
  • an 90 year old...pulling a suitcase
  • On the bus!
  • Ride for a while
  • Bus pulls up to "Sacrafano"
  • Off the bus
  • Right onto the side of the the dark...not at a hotel.  No idea where to go.
  • Silent prayers
  • Start walking
  • Find a convenience store that so "conveniently" says "Hotel information" on the side.
  • Nice worker inside to help us.
  • No English
  • Show him our Hotel information and he calls Hotel for us.
  • Shuttle is on its way.  Thank you!
  • Wait outside.
  • Shuttle comes.
  • Nice driver loads our things Thank you!
  • Quick drive 
  • We finally made it!
And to think that is the simplified version.  It only took us about 5 1/2 hours to get to our hotel.  It was far, but definitely not 5 1/2 hrs far.  By the way people sounded when we told them where our hotel was, you would have thought it was in another country.  That definitely did not help the stress level.  I noted above that many silent prayers were said throughout the course of our adventure...but I'm pretty sure each of us were constantly praying and boy were those prayers answered.  When we finally got here, we kept saying that we seriously didn't know how we made it.  Thank goodness for blessings of nice people and perfect timing especially in regards to the bus at the end.  I'm pretty sure that was the last bus of the night and if it hadn't been for us catching that, we would have been completely lost.  There were times...many times where I honestly thought there wasn't any way to get here, especially when the girl said no more trains were going that night, but before I let myself get all upset I remembered all of the other times we have been traveling and thought we were completely lost or out of options and we somehow figured it out and then I realized there was no use in crying over it, we would somehow get there or at least have somewhere to sleep.  And we did!

Although the first part of our trip was a little stressful especially with how tired we already were, we were surprisingly in good spirits and have had such a great time.  We think our adventures are pretty funny and we laugh about things like this all the time.  It wouldn't feel like a vacation to us if we didn't have some sort of stressful adventure thrown in there somewhere, that is just what makes life exciting right?  
Anyway, I'm sure that is more information than anyone wanted to know, but I wanted to document it for memory's sake.   

European Vacation

We just got back from a pretty amazing vacation which included a stay in Rome and a 12 day Mediterranean Cruise.  Ever since we went to Europe two years ago we have been planning to go back.  The time finally came and it was well worth the wait!  We had such a great time and took about a million pictures so I will be blogging like a crazy person trying to get caught up.  I hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Date Night "Cruise"

One of our favorite things to do is travel.  We would probably head somewhere different every weekend if possible.  Turns out it costs money to do that, crazy right? So, until we have a money tree growing in our backyard, the times we get the chance to go will do just fine. (btw, if anyone knows where to get money tree seeds, I would love to know.  I promise I would share)

We are currently in the anticipation stage of a pretty exciting vacation, and consequently the traveling itch is quite hard to ignore, so in an effort to scratch that itch a little, I planned a Traveling themed date.
Through the course of our date, we would "travel" to three different countries and experience "authentic" food, shop for souvenirs and take touristy pictures at each of our destinations.
Cam woke up to an invitation for the date.  I wrote a poem which I am sure a third grader could have written.  Poetry has never been my talent so I don't think you will miss not reading it.  But, it did the job of hinting at the evening's events and hopefully giving him something to look forward to through the day.  I also put together this little display for fun.  Sidenote: I had it all planned but didn't put it together.  Fell asleep that night and for some reason woke up in the middle of the night and realized I had forgotten, so I hurried and printed the flags and put it together and went back to bed.  I think I should earn extra points for that ;)
Okay moving on.  When Cam got home from work, he was presented with an itinerary which I made up to look like a cruise itinerary. Complete with a cabin number, ports of call, and ship rules and regulations.  I thought the rules were clever (if I do say so myself ;)).  They included: required hand holding, kisses to be exchanged, cuddling during the movie and stressed that sitting separately would not be tolerated. lol.
Our first port of call was London, England.  This was our souvenir shopping portion.  We went to Little Taste of Britain in Layton.  It is a cute, authentic fish and chips shop with a little store that has imported English food, treats, etc.  The store is quite expensive so we don't go often so it was fun to go and get things Cam enjoyed on his mission and things I now love.  We totally recommend this place for Fish and Chips by the way.  It is delicious and very authentic!
The next port of call was Rome, Italy.  This was our dinner part so we went to Olive Garden, naturally.  Dinner was great as usual, I could have done without having my whole glass of water dumped on me, but the waiter gave us extra mints as a peace offering (I promise I wasn't rude about it) so I was happy. 

After sufficiently stuffing ourselves with delicious food, we headed to our final port which was Paris, France for dessert.  I couldn't think of somewhere to go so I made crepes at home.  

And we headed back to our "ship" for a movie under the stars. Our ship being our bedroom and the movie being The fit the traveling theme.  

I'd say it was a pretty fun date night "cruise". I give it 5 stars for food, accommodations, company and crew.  Of course, I wouldn't be the least bit biased :)
 Now I just can't wait for our real vacation!